Author Topic: Am I in the right place?  (Read 1513 times)


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Am I in the right place?
« on: October 02, 2013, 10:05:31 PM »
Making sure my symptoms fit what ya'll have. So I am 20 years old and I was able to fully have an orgasm and feel everything from when I started masterbating at age 14. I think it was around age 17 or so that stopped. Everything is normal except when I masterbate except I feel NO pleasure anywhere on my penis EXCEPT in the inside of the tube that goes down the shaft you piss out of. And I only really feel any pleasure there when I am a few strokes from ejaculating and once I start ejaculating I don't feel anything good at all. As soon as I start ejaculating I take my hand off my penis head because it hurts to rub at that point (not sure if that is normal when you ejaculate). Related to the head, when I only rub my head when I'm masterbating it sorta tickles but doesn't feel pleasurable at all, infact i lose my erection if I continue doing that and it even gives me the urge to pee sometimes. I end up ejaculating really fast at times because seconds before I finish is the only time I feel anything so I force myself to finish quickly. ( even when I have wet dreams I only feel good in the part where I do when I am awake while in my dream)

So essential I only feel moderate pleasure for a few seconds in the top part of inside the tube underneath the penis and it goes away when ejaculation is met and then its only a bland ejaculation. If I'm not stimulating the underneath part of my shaft I will not even achieve an ejaculation. Around the time this started happening I recall rubbing my dick when it was dry and I irritated it which lead to a cut on it. Which hurt bad but I had problems stopping masterbating long enough for it to properly heal. So that is my number one theory of what caused it but I don't know why a small cut would kill the sensation for my whole penis. Also to note that during the time I was going through multiple knee surgeries over the years and around that time which lead to major depression which I was on meds for for a bit which included Zoloft and possibly something else (also was on Vyvanse for awhile for ADD) . I haven't been on any meds for a long time though and not majorly depressed recently. The longest I had gone without masterbating was about 2 weeks since my sex drive was still as high as any teenager but I am currently going on 3 weeks of abstaining because I am desperate for anything. Maybe it will magically heal its self...doubt it thoug

It is frustrating because I haven't had any sexual experiences with any women in my life which might of been caused by me being self conscious of this problem. All I want to do is finally know what is causing all of this......
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