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Where will we find a solution?

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Please answer the poll.....

Why don't you redo this with "Post New Poll"?

For me I think I need some kind of therapy; like Sexual therapy or Cognitive behaviour therapy.

I've never taken antidepressents and not had surgury. Ive had this problem since eI was 15, and am now 46.

So 3 is the best answer; but 2,4 and a lot of others are relevent.

I pick "chemical imbalance"  as I experienced some improvement with GABA sometimes ago (still experimenting).

I triggered my EA many years ago with some wrong doing during masturbation and I therefore know that my EA is with a physical cause.

I went with chemical imbalance as well.

Maybe hormonal, or maybe a neurotransmitter imbalance. If meds can alter your system to prevent orgasms, they can alter your system to improve orgasm.


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