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I have been having this issue for a long time now.

I am male, 40 year old.  No meds usage or drugs.  No current medical conditions.  Normal bmi.  33 inch waist approx 132 lbs. 5f10 '

And yes I am getting depressed about it.

No problems with sex or orgasms up until 31.  

Death in the family. Then became a vegetarian and the issues started.  0 orgasms (during sex or masturbation). severe PE. limited sensation in my penis.

Recent diagnosis of low testosterone.

Recently I started taking zinc 30 mg per day + 1000mg vitamin c .  Used a fleshlight and lasted quite a while and finally a 3/10 orgasm.  Took it very slow. And finally had one.

I am thinking it was the length of time maintaining an erection and the slow stimulation. That gave me one finally.

Hope finally.

Well today 0/10

Also my mood is very flat atm.  I was happier on friday.

mood flat
Orgasm 0/10

Went to an endocrinologist.  She wants me to get a GnRH test done.  Will report back soonest. 


Keep us informed of your progress.

Definitely will do. 


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