Author Topic: I think I can state that I've found a "cure"  (Read 86299 times)


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Re: I thought I could state that I found a cure
« Reply #120 on: August 31, 2017, 04:46:35 PM »
Hi guys, I bought fresh royal jelly from amazon (an expensive kind, don't even know if it's the same as above),
and the truth is it really does make me horny as a fucking fuck.

I guess I didn't know how to use it properly, perhaps that's why I'd thought it wore off.
It's best if left in your mouth to be absorbed underneath your tongue for as long as possible, I usually allow
10-15 minutes, when you swallow, it's best if it's on empty stomach.

If you're well rested and you take it regularly on that fashion, at least for me it makes me 20 something again.

Today I saw 2 people on the street, and their sights made me so horny I felt like "attacking" them (lol).
Then I returned home and relieved myself with porn, omg, incredible.
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