Author Topic: Could EA simply be genetic?  (Read 353 times)


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Could EA simply be genetic?
« on: May 29, 2018, 04:26:53 AM »
I'm in my late 50's now, and just found out that EA is a "thing."   Although a reasonably intelligent and schooled person, for some reason I thought it was just me, and that I just didnt see what everybody else thought was a big deal.   Been reading up on this for a few days now, and find many people on many sites talking about the exact "symptoms" that I've ALWAYS had.  Although I do now have some spinal disc issues,  med-controlled high blood pressure, etc,   I have had EA all my life so I know they are not the cause.  Same thing with stress etc.  Although I have a bunch of stuff going on now,  not true back in the day.   In college, I did have an orgasm three times that I remember, but the fact that I can remember them shows the issue.  I also once had an orgasm without ejaculation, again several years ago.   Although part of me wishes I'd realized it was a condition and  sought help years ago,  since it seems that nobody really knows how to treat EA, I'm not sure it would have mattered.   Most posters seem to talk about a later in life onset of EA.   Does anybody know if most sufferers are later onset, or are there alot like me who seem to have been born with it?