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I haven't posted here in a couple of years, just posted a few new discoveries elsewhere on the board,

but one thing I have been waiting to mention is that i am able to achieve orgasm via a TENS unit although it seems to cause a flair up in my lyme and coinfection symtpoms and so is generally not good for me.

Of course, there are reasonable concerns about any of you trying this so you are on your own as far as research and not dying or suffering some other horrible outcome.  But I was just wondering if anyone else had resorted to this and what the outcome was (and why has this never been mentioned on this forum in any meaningful way?).  And if it works what does this say about the anatomy of the EA?


Just checking back in-

I know most of us "EA'ers" are dealing with this long term and may go months/years without logging in.  But I do know for a fact that I am not the only EA'er desperate enough for the release of sexual tension (normal biological function) to experiment with electrostim, e.g. using a TENS unit for an uninTENded purpose.

So, please for the sake of the collective, log in and sound off.

I pledge to return to the thread to further discuss this because it may reveal some physiological neurological answers to the EA/orgasm issue that may be actionable or may allow sufferers to have some sexual orgasmic sensation and may also shed light on a cause, at least for some of us.


Ok so far this thread has 140 views and I know at least one or two of you have resorted to the tens unit...please register, log in, and post your experience

I bought one but never got around to trying it.

Didn't expect it to bring orgasms, more just to train the muscles in the area.

I'm interested in hearing how you got it to work for you.

If you look up make estim on the web you will get some ideas, basically using a $40 model with about 6 modes available and adjustable intensity. I had success with placing one probe on testicles and one on foreskin covering the glans. Also with two on opposite sides...just don't let the probes touch and read up on safety issues with tens (you have to be hands free, don't want current running through heart) that and porn vids did the trick



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