Author Topic: Back onto the subject of sleep  (Read 56 times)


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Back onto the subject of sleep
« on: January 17, 2018, 02:36:36 AM »
I have to say my sleep pattern has always been sporadic and in trying to nail my sleep problems once and for all I watched a few videos on youtube. One in particular contained some interesting information about how a poor sleep cycle is linked to many different forms of emotional disturbance, but in particular there is a claim at 56:47 of this video of a lecture from Dr Stasha Gominak who says that sleep anatomy overlaps the anatomy of orgasm. Here is the video :

Isn't this interesting?

This is something I didn't know, so please watch the video in full because if you are like me and have always had a very poor circadian rhythm your whole life, perhaps this may be of more importance than you ever realised to your pleasure responses?

I've always suffered from lethargy and poor motivation, even before the onset of my EA, but my sleep even as a young child was not disciplined. Many late nights on computers and television. I wonder if it may be responsible for my EA?

I feel that the subject of sleep and it's importance has been touched on here in a fringe sort of way, as people have reported feeling a difference in sensation from either sleep deprivation, or changing their wake/sleep cycles. Obviously nothing substantive can be taken from these small anecdotal experiences, but does it not warrant further investigation?