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An issue I haven't encountered here before


The problem for me is that the stimulation of my frenulum is no longer a source of pleasure.

I’m part of the roughly one quarter (if something I read ages ago is accurate) of guys for whom contact with the glans during ejaculation is painful. I still experience pleasure from the stimulation of the glans before ejaculation. But traditionally for me the pleasure of orgasm came when the frenulum was stimulated at the time of ejaculation.

No more.

The stimulation of my frenulum, formerly a source of exquisite pleasure, stopped being pleasurable sometime in 2016. This had happened once before—lasting for a couple of months—several years earlier.

So I’m no longer experiencing a key portion of the pre-orgasmic pleasure associated with stimulating the penis. And, because the only kind of physical stimulation my penis can tolerate during ejaculation is stimulation of the frenulum, because stimulation of the glans is painful at this point, and since the stimulation of the frenulum no longer yields pleasure, ejaculation is pretty damned anhedonic.

Has anyone experienced this kind of pleasure loss in particular?

I haven't had this experience, and I'm sorry to hear about this change for you.

I used to get hypersensitive after ejaculation, but that hasn't happened to me for many years. And it's certainly not "painful" as you have described it.

Thanks for checking in. I'm not sure whether what I'm describing as "painful" and what you're recalling as "hypersensitive" are necessarily different. Maybe I described things unhelpfully.

In any case: what puzzles me is the lack of erotic pleasure associated with frenulum stimulation. I presume there's a neurotransmitter issue here as in other cases discussed on the forum. But I'm not sure how to address this.


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