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It's been a few months since my last post. I'm pleased to report that cabergoline is definitely helping me. I've even had a few orgasms at 8/10 on the scale of what used to be "normal" for me before I had EA.

I take half of a cabergoline twice/week.

I often add in 7.5 mg of adderall at about 5pm, and have a couple of diphenhydramine (benadryl). Together, these two things help to delay ejaculation.

The other key for me is to relax my pelvic floor completely before ejaculation/orgasm. I've learned over the past couple of years that I have to stop stimulation from moving (friction) and sort of wait for the orgasm to happen on its own. It's almost as if I have give my body and brain a few extra moments to release the feel good chemicals. Otherwise, I can have an ejaculation with plenty of contractions, but little or no pleasure.

I only restarted cabergoline a few months ago. It's the only thing I changed, and it clearly makes a positive difference for me. (Too much of it, and I don't get very hard. That's why I take less.)

Figured I'd post this in case it might help anyone else. I'm happier and having more pleasure with my wife than I have in a long, long time.

Great news! How do you relax your pelvic floor before orgasm? I'm wondering if this is what I need to do because I get contractions that I don't feel and think I tense up too soon. Is there a position that helps force you to relax?

Wow man the benedryl would make me too tired.  I take 15 mg Adderall but if I took bendryl with it I would get sleepy and not be in the mood for it.  Do you edge as well?  I love edging.  Hmm Cabergoline.  Might have to see how that works.  I am still getting enjoyable orgasms and amazing build up.  I cant complain.  I think a big key to pleasurable orgasm is definitely not being so tense.  I think it could be from always edging I might have a habit of holding it in.  But sometimes I will have a not so good one and I think its because the muscles at orgasm tense and don't freely let loose.   Sex is better because you are able to relax that more so since you are not stimulating yourself. 

Hi I can't remember if I've tried this (probably) I can rememeber arimidex and spinalactone and many others people have sworn help. which country are you in and what mg tablets do you take half of. Where do you buy, what price, and how long taking them before any results ? Thanks

Someone asked about how I relax my pelvic floor before ejaculation. It's hard to describe, because it's rather simple. Having said that, I don't always succeed.

For starters, it works best for me in the woman-on-top position. Maybe it's because the rest of my body can be more relaxed, without me having to hold myself up. I'm not sure.

Anyway, when I can tell that I'm getting close to ejaculating, I usually stop movement, and proactively relax my pelvic muscles. I try to take some deep breaths. Sometimes I try to imagine pushing out my muscles (rather than tightening them inward, towards my body). You can probably practice this wherever you are right now, as you read this, and feel the difference between tension and relaxation.

The thing that I have noticed and learned from is what I said earlier. If I keep friction or motion going, the ejaculation happens and the feel-good chemicals don't happen. It can feel like very little. But if I slow way, way down at the end, and use only slow movements and allow the overall pressure (not friction) from my wife to put me "over the top" then I can have a much more intense, almost normally pleasurable orgasm.

I could note that I usually have no more volume of ejaculate than when it feels lousy. I would also add that it doesn't work every time. But I'm having much more success in the past few months than I have had in years.

The dostinex/cabergoline is the single thing that seems to be making the difference in pleasure intensity. But only if I do what I described above. And the benadryl/diphenhydramine is meant to help slow down the ejaculatory reflex.

I hope that might help some of you. I'll keep trying, and provide further updates.


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