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Only have enjoyable Os under extreme pressure

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I need to first preface this by saying that I'm a female, but my symptoms are very similar to all of yours and really think this condition has little to do with gender

Background on me. 33 y/o, was dxed with addisons disease at age 13.  I had a moderate sex drive when I was young but never did anything with it other than self stim. The way I learned to self stim wasn't traditional but instead was a rubbing/pressure type O, always fully clothed. Never wanted to "touch" myself and that has continued to this age.

I had slightly stronger Os than I can achieve now when i was younger but they were always pretty a 1 or 2 out of 10 which I assumed was normal. Now any O i experience is less than 1 out of 10 on the pleasuee scale UNLESS I'm in a super stressful situation. The most pleasant O I've experienced was in the middle of my GREs when I thought I was going to run out of time...i got super horny and was able to get myself off by rubbing my legs together (one of my techniques) except that time it actually felt really good. This also happened during a couple exams back in Middle and High School. Unfortunately, I've not experienced anything like it since the GRE test and that was like 15 years ago. About a year ago I was in a stressful work thing and i achieved a better than average (for me) O...maybe a 2 or 3 out of 10

I should also note that I have lyme that I've prob had for 10 years but this sex stuff has always been an issue tho i think it's even worse lately.

I don't know what to make of the fact that I know my body is able to orgasm but only in these very unique situations and eveything else SUCKS. Also, when I use a vibrator I get a total 0 out of 10 orgasm...i feel the contractions and like it's happening  but not even a tickle. My drive to have sex is like non existent which is funny because I tried to delude myself that my sex issues would resolve when I found "the one."

Do these pleasurable blips have something to do with adrenaline?

 My endos have always said my addisons shouldn't cause sex dysfunction and per my research there are no other cases I've found of folks with this issue, which is odd because the adrenals make lots of sex hprmones. Supplementing with dhea, testosterone, progesterone, etc does nothing to help.

I always wondered if the adrenaline idea was related to my health issue but can't find any connection online

If only the testing situstion was replicable.!  welcome your thoughts. I feel like maybe there is something to this.

Though I am male, I can identify myself with this...might be something there however I'm not sure if it is the actual adrenaline. I say that because I've had orgasms without any adrenaline invoking situation that were as good as those. I think the thing is that when you are in these moments that give you the adrenaline, you do surrender to the moment whereby all your senses are very high without being tense about just take it all in. You're actually not thinking in those moments, just really receiving / feeling what's happening.

I think that this feeling and accepting what you're feeling is the biggest thing...but this is not as easy as it sounds. But for example if someone tickles you, your muscles contract in the spot that gets tickled...and it doesn't feel particulary pleasant, however if you accept the tickling it actually feels nice... I think that this is partly what might be going on when you're not really focusing in the correct way with the pelvic floor muscles (and surrounding muscles)... They are not relaxed and get tenser in the wrong way before the orgasm making you oblivious to the feelings at orgasm...

What helped me pretty much so far is try to let go of all thoughts and anticipation of the orgasm, and really try to focus on what you're feeling at the moment...

Thanks Rv3. So in your opinion it's more of a pelvic floor thing?

I would say that its a personal thing to you. we all have our own turn ons - I'm not going to say what mine are ;-) but if we are being honest we all have them. and they are what make us individuals and unique. in fact that's one of the things  I enjoy most about a close sexual relationship; finding out what turns my partner on the most and using and enjoying that for maximum mutual pleasure. indeed one partner used to love experimenting sexually in risky locations - perhaps similar to your stress level kind of thing. so I would suggest you simply accept that stressful situations are what float your particular boat, and using that fact for your own benefit. perhaps find someone who enjoys it as much as you do, and who knows,  they might turn out to be ''the one''. enjoy, and have fun.

Fireman, thank you for your thoughts. I can definitely relate to people having their unique turn ons and have my own. However, this feels different. It feels like the stress does something to me physically that like corrects my anhedonia and weak orgasms. Idk if it's the epinephrine or some other hormone but it helps me reach a higher peak and then actually experience the feeling. Again, these are very few and far between but they are the only good ones i can remember.

I do agree thst it might be a pelvic thing. I have always masterbated prone by humping the floor or by tightening my legs together. I can get a tiny 'blip' from this but typically, it wasn't worth the effort (1 or 2/10). I masterbated this way only my whole life.

When I introduced a vibrator (again I'm a girl) 10 years ago, it continues to be a total fail. I get the build up and the feeling like I'm gonna have an O, and then my pelvic floor contracts a few times AND I FEEL NOTHING. 0 out of 10. I don't understand why I can feel the tiniest bit of something when I do dry humping on floor or legs crossed and complete anhedonia with the vibe. :-\ ??? I can only imagine it is a pelvic floor issue. I've seen pelvic Pts tho who tell me I'm tight down there, do a few sessions and say I'm better but no sexual change. Unless it's what I do with my PF during masterbation thst is the issue and that I masterbated in a non traditional fashion for all those yrs

Anyway that's my story. If folks have additional insights  I would be super grateful


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