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Looking for advice
« on: September 16, 2017, 01:15:31 PM »
Hi there, long-time lurker on here. Very much appreciate this resource and the contributions.

I am looking for advice on what to explore next for an improvement/solution? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(I've been reading a lot on the pudendal nerve theory and I was thinking about seeing a physiotherapist with known expertise on this?)

My story...

A few years ago, my usual intense orgasms ceased over a short space of time. Hard to describe, but it feels like an uncomfortable 'cork effect' in my penis when erect – a feeling of disconnect. The head of my penis also feels much less sensitive when erect.

There was no obvious reason for the onset of this – and no reason has been identified, having explored this at length with a professional (see below).

I have never had any problem getting erect, but the lack of a normal (intense) orgasm is severely affecting me.

I went to see my GP about it. I was referred to a doctor at the local sexual health clinic, where I have had periodic appointments for a while now. The clinic doctor has been very understanding and is a good listener – we mainly explored the possibility that the problem lies 'in the head'. I was given some exercises to try, including kegel exercises. There was no improvement though.

Last year, the clinic doctor referred me to the Department of Urology at a local hospital. After a long wait for my appointment, it turned out to be a disappointment. I was briefly examined by the consultant. He handed me an information leaflet on the Viberect, which is a medical stimulator for ED treatment. In addition, he had my testosterone levels checked again – the results were normal.

NB: I was circumcised when I was a baby for medical reasons. This may or may not be related to this issue.