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Herbal Supplements:
1) Irwin Naturals WOMENS Steel Libido PINK (The female clit is similar to the glans on your member)
2) Jarrow Neuro-Optimizer (Because your brain is all f@@ked up from watchin that stuff on pornhub)
3) Lecithin (OMG, Sensitivity and Climax)
4) L-Histidine or L-Carnosine (Ejaculation support)

Try the 1st 3 together, for real

Dekeratinization Topical Cream:
Vitamin E oil
Man 1 Man Oil (this works... for real, makes it sensitive)
Stinging Nettle Cream (haven't used)
Salicylic Acid like in St Ives (haven't used)
Alpha-hydroxy Like Eucerin (haven't used)

Reverse some of the Circumcision
TLC Tugger


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