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craniosacral therapy
« on: August 01, 2017, 08:00:07 AM »
hi all.
having tried lots ( and LOTS) of possible solutions to this godforsaken problem, and ive got exactly nowhere. only once have I had a benefit from all these things and that was after a chiro realigned my pelvis. he never managed to repeat it so I gave up. These include hypnotherapy, counselling, anxiety drugs, acupuncture, reiki, chiropractor, anal internal massage, pelvic floor relaxation , psychotherapy, vitamins, cabergoline ( don't go there ) over the course of 20 plus years. my continued research led me to Tarlov cysts as a tenuous link. apparently lots of people have these cysts which are problems with the nerve endings on the spinal column lower end. most people are asymptomatic. they have been linked with physical trauma to the back/spine ( I fell on my coccyx when I was 18 taking away my sight and hearing for a few minutes. I also had lots of damage to my back muscles through work and sport ). there is little one can do about these cysts but the list of possibles includes craniosacral therapy which is non-invasive, and harmless. a good friend of mine is a respected practitioner in the field so I am going to try a course of sessions with her. yes I admit desperate!
comments anyone - good or bad!!