Author Topic: Been cured 6 months. Here's how I did it.  (Read 1420 times)


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Been cured 6 months. Here's how I did it.
« on: July 16, 2017, 08:58:48 PM »
I’m cured. Here’s how.

No need for a long backstory here. Long time lurker. I stopped having any orgasm sensation about three years ago. Zero pleasure. Lots psychological torture over not being able to feel the natural tension relief orgasm brings. Went through long periods of celibacy only to result in worsening depression. I now orgasm about twice a week and the sensation ranges anywhere from a 5-9 on average. I have been cured for about 6 months. I won’t pretend to know all the answers. I still have the occasional orgasms that isn’t WOW, but never do I experience the horrible dud feeling of nothingness anymore. There are too many complex components to this syndrome which lead to more questions then answers, but I hope very much that these suggestions help you as they have helped me, or at least bring your closer to uncovering your own cure.

1- Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, meaning acupuncture and pulse and tongue prescribed herbs, brought me from a 0 to a 2 over the course of one year of weekly treatments and daily herbs. I was not seeing the acupuncturist for this issue, rather I was seeing him, primarily, for a digestive illness. But it did not matter because Chinese Medicine, ideally, does not treat one aspect of illness, it treats the whole body. This is what brought me out the hole. I would recommend it to everyone. I’ve seen many practitioners, so here is my advice: try and find an actual Chinese practitioner and not some westerner who just went to a shitty oriental college here in the states for two years. You want old school, no-nonsense, practitioner who uses raw herbs (not granulated herbs…a dead giveaway they aren’t the real deal, though if that’s all you can find--or have time for--that’s OKAY). Yelp reviews are a good place to start. See someone as long as it takes. I believe the herbs (which you will make as a decoction or tea, are the most important part, and could probably skip the actual acupuncture if you're trying to save on cash.) One more thing, you can mention your problem to your TCM practitioner but the focus here is on healing the entire body. If you see an old school practitioner, that’s all they will attempt to do anyway, a new school person might try and JUST treat this aspect of illness, which I firmly believe is the wrong thing to do.

2 - Antibiotics. This was the 2nd biggest factor in my recovery, and maybe the most important. (It is hard to say.) I was put on a range of heavy antibiotics (amoxicillin and doxycycline over the course of 2 months for an unrelated digestive condition. I also took Cipro for two weeks, but please do not take Cipro at any cost, it destroyed other aspects of my health.) After two weeks, I noticed a hormonal shift in my body and could finally feel orgasms the way a normal person will. I believe it was amoxicillin specifically which had this effect, but it’s impossible for me to say. You’ve seen other people on this forum cured with antibiotics and I’m here to say, it worked for me, too. I would recommend testing amoxicillin for three weeks and seeing how it works out and then getting some doxycycline and seeing how that works out. Either find a willing doctor, or use the internet creatively. I urge you to try this. I do not care why this worked. I have not needed to retake any antibiotics in 5 months. There are many theories here in another thread about why this worked. It does not matter. Just try it.

Again, a strong word of warning: PLEASE DO NOT TAKE CIPRO OR ANY ANTIBIOTIC IN THE Fluoroquinolone DRUGS CLASS. Look up Cipro poisoning if you want more info on that nightmare of a drug.

3 - Magnesium Oil (I used the ancient minerals brand). Buy the big 33 oz bottle and lather copious amounts on your legs every single night. This consistently increases my sexual pleasure in every sense of the word, but the effect is definitely cumulative, so please try it for at least two weeks. I have no idea if this will bring people from a baseline of 0 to feeling pleasure, my guess is not. The root of the problem still needs to be fixed with Chinese medicine or perhaps a course of strong antibiotics. Also, I’ve tried every other form of oral magnesium on the market, and none of them have this effect. It helps greatly with the side effects from cipro as well, which is how I found it.

4- Lastly, there’s been some posts here that occasionally bring up the aspect of love in relationship to sexual pleasure. While I don’t think love will likely bring you out of the zero sensation range, I’ve found that love is essential to feeling the best kinds of pleasure. And love, even a little, seems to counter post-orgasm symptoms I’m sure many of you are familiar with. My feeling here is there is a hormonal component to loving sex or masturbation versus purely lustful sexual activity, and the biological response is very different. Please try and practice loving sexual activity, even if it is just with your imagination. I’ve found that my choice in sexual partners, and even pornography, changed drastically when love became essential towards feeling my best both during and after sex.

5 - Moderation. Limiting my orgasms to once or twice a week greatly enhances the pleasure.

In summery and, in my opinion, order of importance:

1 - Chinese Medicine
2 - Experiment with safe antibiotics, like amoxicillin and doxycycline
3 - Magneisum Oil
4 - Love
5 - Moderation

I wish you all luck. I doubt I’ll answer questions, this was pretty thorough, but if there’s a question I think helps brings more clarity to what I did, I’ll do my best to stop by and answer. I know the inclination of most reading this will be to skip the Chinese medicine, but it really dig bring me out of the zero range, it just took some time.

I know how much this syndrome torments the psyche. Even if my suggestions bring you zero relief, don’t give up. Keep seeing a Chinese Medicine practitioner until you are brought out of the hole. It’s a very slow modality, but it does produce results. And it beats trying to figure this shit out on your own.


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Re: Been cured 6 months. Here's how I did it.
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2017, 07:38:16 AM »
Thanks for the report!
By coincidence I'm on cipro to treat urethral infection, I will google what you suggested.