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Yesterday I had to take propranolol and a tiny bit of lorazepam to face
a social function from work, and today morning I was feeling absurdly horny and had
one of the best orgasms recently.
I wonder if our anhedonia has to do with anxiety, because I feel it a lot,
mostly due to people skills and demands at work.
Could this be one possible cure, blocking byproducts of my anxiety?

I don't remember it working with Lorazepam only though, I usually take it once
in a month or less, in very tiny doses.

I was on propranolol (60mg a day) for a few months till recently. It didn't help my ejaculatory anhedonia and I think lowered my sex drive.

Thanks for the reply.
yes, I think it was a false flag, it wasn't the right variable actually, must
have been something else that made me so horny.


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