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Cabergoline (dostinex) seems to be helping


It's been a while since I've posted about this. I've had some improvement with adderall over the past few months. But I can't say I'm having the success that @searchingforcure11 reports.

Actually, I find it can delay ejaculation, which is nice. But it also inhibits erections, which can be frustrating.

@searchingforcure11, could you share - in this fresh thread - your timing and dosage for everyone? And whether you take it daily?

I also tried cabergoline/dostinex for about a month, a few months back. Didn't think it had helped too much. But looking at my daily notes, I see that it did. So I'm doing a two month trial of it, starting about a week ago.

And I have to say that I have had more pleasure from sex in the past week than I have in many months. I've had a few times where I'm probably a 7/10, with 10 being normal.

Maybe it's a fluke, so I'll keep going and report to everyone how it goes in another 4 to 6 weeks.

Hi Need.  That's good you see improvement.  It increases the sensation overall.  I am wondering how much you are taking.  I do notice I might be limp if I take too much.  I take 15 mg a day.  I like to take it before I work out a half so 7.5 mg then the other half after I work out.  I notice for the erection problem usually after about 2 hours after taking it that I don't notice any problems.  Sometimes if its too soon after taking it I might notice I am not as hard.  Do you notice overall act is more pleasurable even though sometimes orgasm is not as great as you might have wanted.  Occasionally that happens to me where it is very enjoyable but the orgasm might not be as great as I hoped.  But overall it feels nice.  I think it helps your mood too. 


--- Quote from: needhelpage31 on June 29, 2017, 12:30:11 PM ---...
And I have to say that I have had more pleasure from sex in the past week than I have in many months. I've had a few times where I'm probably a 7/10, with 10 being normal.

--- End quote ---

Wow you've come a long way needhelpage31, good for you. I remember seeing your thread all those years ago on hisandherhealth and thinking how similar your symptoms were to mine. Unfortunately I was a 0/10 back then and I'm still a 0/10 now.

I've tried nearly every supplement, specific exercise and physical therapy regime mentioned on here and nothing has made the slightest scrap of difference. Perhaps I need to try the pharmaceutical path or I have no hope of ever getting any improvement.

@lostmojo, yes, I have had periods of time in the past where I have been at 0/10. It's so difficult.

But I'm doing better than that, lately. I think it's a combination of trying to strengthen and relax my pelvic floor, plus cabergoline, and a little adderall, too.

In the past two weeks I've had two really good experiences that I would rate at 6/10 and 7/10.

I've been taking Cabergoline again for a few weeks. At .5 mg 2x/week, I lost my ability to get an erection. It was weird. But I reduced to half of a pill, twice weekly, and that seems to be the right amount for me. Sometimes I've taken 15 mg adderall in the early afternoon. Those days seem to be the best for me.

I'll keep on experimenting, and report here.

I saw that a few had mentioned cabergoline as a possible help. so I had some prescribed privately but stopped taking it after about 2 or 3 weeks. I was getting severe chest pains and as I have had a heart attack 11 years ago it scared the crap out of me. also, my routine annual blood tests taken shortly after, threw up some massive increases in some numbers connected with liver function.  my gp said the numbers he was seeing can be associated with hepatitis, liver failure etc .( these numbers have now returned to normal.) he was not a happy man when I told him about the cabergoline - which he had not prescribed - , explaining to me that ALL medicines get metabolised through the liver. my freak results could have been a coincidence, but I'm just saying guys, if you are going to stay on  the cabergoline I would think about getting liver function blood tests done.


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