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Personal breakthrough (shocked)
« on: February 09, 2017, 11:21:29 AM »
Hi everyone, well I appear to have found the underlining reason for my EA : lyme disease.

I got myself tested late last month and it came back positive. The lab I used was in germany with a very good efficacy rate. Ever since I have been researching lyme and have found within the literature - both online and through speaking to lyme literate professionals - that I have and have had lyme disease for 20+ years. My symptoms started as far back as 1993-1994, around the time I first started experiencing lichen sclerosus. There are strong links between lichen sclerosus and borreliosis (lyme); all the other pieces of the puzzle now fit into place - the EA, the skin symptoms, fatigue; everything.

I just wanted to share that with you guys here and I suggest you get yourself tested immediately. I remember lyme being brought up by another member here some years ago, I wish I had listened to them and got tested sooner. It would have saved quite a few agonising years. I am so relieved because now I know the problem I can begin to treat it.

If anyone wants more information on where I got tested please PM me privately and I'll be happy to pass on the information, but please know I am in the UK, I don't know anything about lyme disease and treatment options in the US.

I would say if you are like me and have more symptoms than just EA, you get yourself tested! I can't stress this enough.

Peace guys and much love to you all in the struggle.