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Role of diet


Did anyone here change their diet prior to the onset of anhedonia. This is something I haven't seen mentioned much.

I recently drastically reduced the amount of meat in my diet.
I've also more consistently been eating oatmeal, an apple and banana in the morning.

I just had my blood checked, and it looks like I'm lacking in Vitamin B12, which plays a key role in nerve and brain function.

That's what I done at the onset of my symptoms. I started eating a low fat low protein diet. And these days I've increased my protein and fat in my diet. And now I wonder whether this was a contributing factor to my anhedonia.

Have you noticed any kind of changes as you've changed your diet?

I've experienced more pleasure than before after changing diet. But I also changed much more other things in my life too. So it is really hard to isolate this one change and say it is the one cause of my improvement. I think diet is definitely a variable linked to orgasm though, just not the only one.


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