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just an many of us have mercury fillings in teeth?


hi all.
 like most of you probably, I have searched high and low for a source and therefore a cure to this condition. acupuncture, hypno, tablets, psychotherapy, you name it. am currently seeing a physio specialising in the male pelvic floor who thinks it is down to chronic muscle tension within the pelvis. he thinks that also causes my other condition, proctalgia. google it. its not something you would wish on anybody. unless his name is trump.
but a weird thought occurred to me today. I have many mercury fillings in my teeth. anyone else out there have the same? I'm looking for a common thread. I know there probably wont be a magic bullet cure for all of us but its worth thinking about....

Not me.

If you can have any tests or whatever, have them done and don't live with the doubt. Not only looking for a cause to sexual anhedonia, but also to be sure metal poisoning isn't causing you other health problems. I don't have fillings in my teeth, but we are exposed to mercury and other toxins through diet, pollution, etc. I think there might be different causes for sexual anhedonia. Anything done to improve general health may be beneficial.

That's a reach!  I have lots of fillings and still have them and I am cured.  Adderall helped cure me I think by raising dopamine levels that were very low. 

true searching, it is a reach, but desperate times.....
I am about to try gabergoline, which is a dopamine agonist, so hopefully I will follow your success!


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