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A few possibilities as I see them
« on: August 16, 2016, 06:11:24 AM »
The biggest clues to a difficult problem.

I think theres a few possibilities:

Psychological only.

Type 1 -  Asexual syndrome that mutes JUST the sexual side of the emotion scale. This would be the variant of HSDD as the wikipedia says. Medical exams are unremarkable and Life goes on unaffected - theres more than sex. Groups are non drug and lifelong EA. Treatment is difficult esp if male and lifelong. The condition is unrelenting.

Type 2 - A broad spectrum emotional issue that mutes everything but esp pleasure. This would be a form of a mood disorder , schizoid syndrome or major depression disorder. There may be another that mutes everything to a degree so its not as severe. The person would complain of less intensity in life etc..  If severe one sees life as cold calculation or in a robot like state. There may be certain regressions in life other than sexual to a severe level depending.. Groups are SSRI and non drug users. Treatment or the mood problem would improve the EA. In some cases it could be difficult especially  for non-standard depression . Removing offending meds may be needed. These conditions can fluctuate in intensity even resolving and then re-appearing .

Androgen / Physical, Other issues:

- Unusual issues like ongoing fatigue, insomnia, low job performance, apathy, mood issues etc are reported by the NON lifelong EA groups. There is likely an aggravating factor inc: LOW hormones, ED, shrinkage, sleep disorder & apnea, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, central obesity, insufficient or over-nutrition, lifestyle issue, medications, psychological problems, urological issues, possible injury etc. Regressions in all areas of life are common. These conditions can fluctuate in intensity. Treating the underlying will probably improve or resolve the EA over time.

Mix of Type 2 psychological and other illness as above. Example : SSRI groups, penis enlargement community
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