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Cured after 20 years of little or no pleassure from ejaculation

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I have had an incredible reversal of my long term sexual anhedonia using Gastrodin which enables the brain to heal itself. I now feel that orgasmic dysfunction was just a brain problem. It took a while for it to work and reversing my anhedonia was not at all expected. I bought it for it's brain healing effects. I have occasional insomnia and thought it might help with that. It increases the amount of gabba receptors which allows the brain to relax and heal. Normalizing excitatory transmitters and inhibiting neurotransmitters in my brain has no doubt caused this healing to occur. If the brain has too much stimulation it can't heal. I never thought I would recover from this horrible curse. Its been 3 weeks of complete orgasmic satisfaction like that I experienced as a much younger man. The product is Life Extension Brain Shield Gastrodin.  I doubled up on the daily dose for 30 days because I read that 600 mg.would be needed for that period to initiate a healthy repair process. Now I take 300 mg per day but will go back to the 600 mg dose if my anhedonia reoccurs.

Wow that is great.  Did you notice the effects right away or did it take a few days?  I have pleasure again with Adderall which acts on dopamine.  So I agree it definitely is something in the brain.  Any side effects?

I was on it for about 30 days before noticing any improvement. There was a slight improvement earlier but I thought it was just a fluke. On week 5 the impact was huge for me. Didn't notice any side effects other than restoration of the orgasmic anhedonia. I had given up hope a long time ago that I could ever feel an orgasm again. I still can't believe it. I have had about 2 dozen perfectly good orgasms in a row over the last 5 weeks. Compare that to less than 5 over the last 20 years. I am now on my 9th week of Gastrodin and I'm taking 300 mg per day.

Nice.  I might try this myself to see if it even has a greater increase in pleasure then what I already feel with the Adderall.  Is this over the counter?

that's great news for you. im currently seeing a psychotherapist - ive tried everything else looking for an answer - and while he has been very helpful in making me see that I have ''issues'' ( sorry!) that need to be addressed - anxiety mainly, coupled with lashings of self doubt - when I asked his opinion of my taking gastrodin he said that it would be fine, but he then did some research for me. he has come up with Buspirone. it appears to be taken sometimes to counter the negative effects of sssri's. so I guess the logic is that if it can heighten sensation and pleasure with men taking those, it may do the same for those of us with this condition. I have an appointment with him next week when I think he will prescribe me these. no doubt there will be a few weeks of waiting for any benefit but I cant wait to try!


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