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lyme disease and coinfections

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Guys I think I finally have my answer, after I was diagnosed with lyme disease, brucella, babesia, mycoplasma and other coinfections.

I wonder if anyone else around here finds out they have this stuff too...

So how are you doing, lately? And with what treatment?

Well, I'm back and about 2 years into treatment for the infections.  I mainly have gone the natural route for treatment.  The treatment itself hasn't really had any impact on my EA.  However, I recently tried an herbal medicine houttunyia that I think was clearing out bartonella or something and I had a severe reaction and couldn't hardly sleep for months.  I ended up having psychiatric symptoms as well so it got really severe, but the strange thing is I did have an episode of a random mid day erection with arousal and was able to experience pleasure with intercourse that night.  I ended up having to stop that herb due to the severity of the reaction but I ended up on some psych meds for a week or two.  One was abilify.  It ended up making me absolutely unbearably physically restless to the point of puttting me in harms way but strangely it made me constantly horny and I did have pleasurable orgasms, albeit with premature ejaculation each time.  I am trying to figure out what is going on with me, the answer seems so near but yet so far.  Notably I also discovered that I was able to experience pleasurable orgasm via tens unit but it also flares up my infection symptoms, including head pressure.  So I can't quite tell if my problem is involving nerves and/or my brain, I mean it's obviously both since my infections are long standing and neurological, but why would the tens unit allow me pleasure but then give me a herx reaction and head pressure.

I'm hoping one of our members is a neurologist or a genius and can troubleshoot this.  I bet for most of us infections or parasite is behind the EA based on my experience.  So I'm off the herbal treatment for my infection and off the abilify and am back to being anhedonic...

The truth is out there


to reply to my own post,

I never really enjoyed biology or anatomy class, but I do recall that nerves release substances, right, like serotonin and dopamine?  I mean this is the thing about neurons and axons and SSRIs and receptor sites, agonists/antagonists

So I feel a sense of wondering if something is "blocking" the nerves or "stealing" the substances the nerves release....I even sometimes wonder if the germs in my infections are sitting there getting off on my neurotransmitters...sounds bizzarre but refer to my post on how I was able to get orgasmic pleasure via a tens unit but later suffering a lyme/coinfection head pressure herx as a result.

Let's get some dialogue going


I figured out 2 years ago that I have Lyme and confections too- I also had Mycoplasma and babesia and also RMSF, along with candida and prob parasites and God knows what else.

 I've been treating under an llmd and def feel better and healthier in terms of,other issues I have, but am stuck with sex and orgasm stuff. I'm also not where I want to be and still have more treating to do. I've,been wondering a lot about a connection here and am glad to see it brought up.

I echo the desire for a smart MD/neuro person to decipher this. Every doc I see just throws the same treatments for the orgasm,issue at me but I think there's a underlying cause that needs addressing


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