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Coinciding symptoms? Please respond even if you don't have any!


Comment below if you have anything else!


--- Quote from: sugarcanethrowaway on February 20, 2016, 12:34:38 AM ---Comment below if you have anything else!

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Premature/Delayed ejaculation.

If you haven't already checked existing polls, there may be one like this. I made a number of polls way back.

Which I encourage everyone to try, so we have more data.

Some Day Soon:
Weaker erections are a new thing for me. Worries me a lot. Maybe it's just an age thing though. I'm 24.

Urination is more of a forced process when I haven't done exercises to release muscles down there. I have to spend more time squeezing out the last drops too.

Was never sensitive on the glans. The only part of me that ever felt anything from stimulation was the remains of my inner foreskin and that was only at the climax of my pathetic orgasms. I am circumcised.

Build up to ejaculation has went from 0.5 to 0.


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