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Body Weight poll

Several years ago I was PM'd by two people on this board. When I saw photos of them I was amazed of what we had in common. Slim build (5 ft 10 in, 150-160 lbs) with some thinning hair. It was uncanny.

So I hope people will participate in this poll. It would be interesting to see/know what our group is physically like.

Problems started when i became very slim from dieting (140-150 lbs)  - some people thought i had terminal illness. I could not sit on hard surfaces . Would that be linked to some compression ? 'Dr Chris' seemed to think that skinny buttocks may be a risk. User 'Runtech' reported 5'11 @ 132lbs and secondary hypogonadism + EA

I must say now there is a vast improvement almost cured (on a good day ) but i am now overweight around 200 lbs. Sitting is now much better. Much more ejaculation control , much reduced Premature ejaculation.

I think if one could do it 180lbs for 5'10 with more muscle would be ideal. No adult male should be under 165lbs - forget the bmi stuff.

I see this as a major risk : low BMI, slim build, fast rapid weight loss. Diet wise: low calorie diet, prolonged low-carb dieting (most clean and healthy diets are low carb variants) even with enough calories. The problem seems to be related to reduced thyroid T3 / increased Rt3

Shadow it depends on your height though.  Sure if you are 5"10 and a male you shouldn't be under 165 but I am 5"6 so 165 would be on the chunky side if I was that weight.  I am 140 pounds and in good shape and toned.  Back in February 2012 I decided to really get serious and eat healthy and get in great shape and I have stayed with this and I have to say my orgasms are back to normal if not better now then ever before.  Now I will say it could have been the Adderall I started in May 2012 so its hard to tell you which one or maybe the combination of the 2 have led to my improvements.  Its hard to give an exact answer since I started taking stimulants around the same time I started to get serious about eating right.  But the diet part could be correct if someone was not getting the right nutrients.  I never really went on drastic diets.  I just never weighed more then 145 my entire life.  I watch my sugar intake and try to avoid junk food but I indulge in it moderately but I don't sit there and eat a bag of chips.  Have like 1.5 servings if I do pick at junk food.  Diets should never eliminate foods it should just be lower portions and losing fat through exercise.  I will say it over and over I believe the issue is in the brain.  Stimulants raise dopamine levels and dopamine levels are known as the pleasure hormone.  Being someone that had no issues up till about 22 years old then seeing a gradual worsening of orgasms for about 7 or 8 years and then a gradual increase in pleasure I can really say I have been in all positions.  My thought is the greater the pleasure during build up to orgasm it more likely will need to a pleasurable orgasm.  Its as if the pleasure is so great you cant help but feel pleasure when you ejaculate because the pressure builds up more so you are able to feel the release better thus feeling more sensation and pleasure.  Poor diet however can lead to a drop in dopamine levels so its possible crash diets could make problems worse.   But I think its not just the crash diet because if that was the case there would be a higher number of sufferers.  I don't think its a coincidence my problems started after I took Effexor an SSRI.  When you mess with serotonin levels you risk affecting other hormones such as dopamine.  And I think that's what happened to me.  Because a dopamine increaser such as Adderall has led to my cure.

Sure height matters but not always - some races are heavier (maori, islanders..) For 5'6 my personal safety margin would be MIN 160lbs . I'll tell you though me and my brother are around 5'6 but were born 'stocky' . Dieting would always just 'shrink' us but not change the build  - many times after diets I got comments like 'do you have illness ? Cancer? etc?  That is definately BAD NEWS and NOT NORMAL.  Natural lean people should look strong and healthy. Same for my brother  - he is either chunky when normal or shriveled if dieting. Fuck the BMI index - its not for everyone. I think eventually I should get to around 175lbs or so.

But i am interested: Could increased BMI serve as protection / cure  against EA or sexual problems? 

You say all in the brain and I agree to a large extent . EA = ' Rare variant of HSDD in males' . Back to the question does BMI (low / low bodyfat) have an association with this ?

In this poll I can only see ticks for 140-160 range / 1 for 120-140 !!? . Except for me - NOTHING higher than 140-160. If you scour google you will see a similar pattern in forums: low BMI / BF , sexual dysfunction inc absent libido  / orgasm, mental disorders, unusual eating patterns (food groups omitted - low carb is very common),  excess physical activity, training ,crossfit, 'adrenal fatigue' etc


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