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Physical Therapist reports symptoms similar to us


I just came across this article by a physical therapist. It may not apply to all of us, but my own EA has been accompanied by a reduction in semen volume.

She reports improvement with therapy. Very interesting.

Thanks for taking the time to share.  :D

yes thanks for your posts I think yours are the most sensible on here I hope you have good luck with the lyme disease avenue ,

Thanks for posting this. This is an interesting article. She says that some people with the problem have trained themselves to contract their pelvic floor muscles. I think this may have been similar to what happened to me when I was a teenager. Back then I clenched my pelvic muscles in an attempt to increase the orgasm. Now I think my pelvic muscles are permanently tensed causing EA.

I can relate to this. particularly the clenching of muscles, like a prolonged kegel. I now believe my pelvic muscles are frozen and cannot spasm to produce the pleasure waves. finding a professional to treat me though is proving less than easy. any help out there? I live in herts, uk


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