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General Discussion / Re: TENS unit / electrostim
« Last post by no_longer_numb on June 09, 2018, 09:32:22 AM »
376 views and no one comments/tries it?

Any questions or discussion?

Somehow the direct application of electrical impulses seems to induce the nerves to release "the good stuff" and it allowed me to remember some of the calmness and afterglow effects after a normal orgasm (instead of the POIS type aftereffects i would sometimes  get.  Eg oxytocin?

Let's talk about this please

I'm Cured! / Re: oxytocin inhaler
« Last post by runtech on May 30, 2018, 02:18:33 PM »
I tried it. it did not make any difference.  I got my supply from a doctor
General Discussion / Re: New user intro
« Last post by runtech on May 30, 2018, 01:39:39 PM »

You said that your testicles grew. Do you know if you had smallish ones to begin with? Did your doctor say?

No they were normal size, but after the testosterone drop.  they shrunk.  They are back to normal size.  In fact last measurement put them on the larger of normal.
General Discussion / Re: New user intro
« Last post by runtech on May 30, 2018, 01:37:57 PM »
Well all blood tests are now normal. No gene mutations

DHA, testosterone are high. 

But the problem persists.  The Doc recommended reducing the cabergoline to once a week.  I am on it for three months.

Contributing Factors - Physical / Could EA simply be genetic?
« Last post by HadItSinceBirth on May 29, 2018, 04:26:53 AM »
I'm in my late 50's now, and just found out that EA is a "thing."   Although a reasonably intelligent and schooled person, for some reason I thought it was just me, and that I just didnt see what everybody else thought was a big deal.   Been reading up on this for a few days now, and find many people on many sites talking about the exact "symptoms" that I've ALWAYS had.  Although I do now have some spinal disc issues,  med-controlled high blood pressure, etc,   I have had EA all my life so I know they are not the cause.  Same thing with stress etc.  Although I have a bunch of stuff going on now,  not true back in the day.   In college, I did have an orgasm three times that I remember, but the fact that I can remember them shows the issue.  I also once had an orgasm without ejaculation, again several years ago.   Although part of me wishes I'd realized it was a condition and  sought help years ago,  since it seems that nobody really knows how to treat EA, I'm not sure it would have mattered.   Most posters seem to talk about a later in life onset of EA.   Does anybody know if most sufferers are later onset, or are there alot like me who seem to have been born with it?

I found a website that explained that phenylpropanalomine has some agonist behavior on alpha-2-adrenergic receptors (as well as on alpha 1). 

The reason that I said that things seem to be forming a nexus, is that I found out that the traditional erectile/sexual dysfunction remedy Yohimbine is an alpha-2-adrenergic antagonist (the opposite of PPA's adrenergic agonist

  It would be interesting to see my reaction to Yohimbine, however, I am a bit worried given that I already know that I have an MAO A mutation, and Yohimbine is said to perhaps act as an MAOI - monoamine oxidase inhibitor.

Even more interesting is that per the same book you should avoid taking phenylpropanalomine when using Yohimbine because Yohimbine is a "possible Monoamine Oxidase (MAO) inhibitor."[/b]

Interesting. When I first started taking yohimbine, I found I was very sensitive to it, and would split the capsules to pour some out. I used it for a while to try, because supposedly it helps sexual dysfunction. I did find it helped erections, but never orgasms. And I never liked the effect on me generally. Gittery, a little bit of chills.

Then I found another pill with lower amounts, and used that. I think they were twin labs, Yohimbine Fuel (8mg per capsule), or Male Fuel (8mg yohimbine per 3 capsules).

One night I mistakenly took two or three of the Yohimbine Fuel. Way too much for me. But the effect was odd. My girlfriend was coming over, so I wanted to liven it up a bit. Unfortunately, she left early.

I felt more emotionally connected to her while she was there. And at other times, had found women just more arresting when I was on yohimbine.

That night, I couldn't sleep and had erections most of the night, with more ejaculations than I'd ever had in a night.

Not orgasms, though. Still, I'd try that again if I could find a way to turn it *off* at some point so I could go to sleep and not be burned out the next day.

Doctors will recommend 20-40mg per day for sexual dysfunction. Way too much for me.

And they say the half life is like an hour, but no way is that true for me. Much longer.
Contributing Factors - Physical / Re: melanocortin, MSH, MC3R, phenylpropanalomine
« Last post by NoFun on May 26, 2018, 02:41:37 AM »
I'm on 23andMe too. Also Ancestry. I found some interesting SNPs on SRD5A2 for me in Ancestry, and posted an update in General Discussion.

If you send the SNPs you've found interesting for you, we can compare and see if we find a match.
I've always had bottom of the range DHT blood tests. DHT is the androgen that provides the sexual effects of Testosterone.
Anyway, I'm going to buy some DHT tests. Establish another baseline for DHT. Then start with some supplements to increase DHT:
Creatine Monohydrate, caffeine, Butea Superba (Red Kwao Krua) , Phosphatidylserine, Forskolin

I'll keep you all posted on results.

As it turned out, I bought a DHT test to get a baseline, and (with testosterone supplementation), my DHT levels are now quite high. And I feel no improvement sexually at all. Although I've got lot of generally unhealthy things going on, so I'm not a great controlled experiment right now. Maybe I just need to fix the other things.

Still, the gene weirdness is interesting, and still seems like a likely issue, given that the genes are expressed very locally, so that tests on a blood draw may not be indicative of the levels at those local areas.
General Discussion / Re: 33rd birthday
« Last post by txnerd on May 20, 2018, 11:13:40 PM »
honestly, i think  a lot of my problem is probably psychological
General Discussion / Re: TENS unit / electrostim
« Last post by no_longer_numb on May 16, 2018, 08:18:49 PM »
If you look up make estim on the web you will get some ideas, basically using a $40 model with about 6 modes available and adjustable intensity. I had success with placing one probe on testicles and one on foreskin covering the glans. Also with two on opposite sides...just don't let the probes touch and read up on safety issues with tens (you have to be hands free, don't want current running through heart) that and porn vids did the trick

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