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I'm Cured! / Re: Return of The O and other mysteries
« Last post by PrometheanFlame on July 01, 2018, 03:31:59 PM »
Quick Update:

It has been a long time since posting on this forum. I have gone through many phases of extreme orgasmic pleasures. and times of diminished or no pleasure. So far my findings conclude that this is multifaceted. There is an element of psychology involved in this, this much is true. And meditation helped me greatly in that regard. Also meeting the right girl who can really get you hot and bothered. However this is not normal for the average male. The male shouldn't need sex to be available for him to be horny. Him being horny is what drives his search for a partner.

But the more I experiement, and the more success I have. The more I have come to realize the importance of diet. When my libido disappeared, I had gone low fat vegan, and the timing with which my libido disappeared was staggering. Recently I have been eating raw eggs, raw milk, Cheese with vitamin k2, and plenty of meats free range.

My understanding is this: The body uses cholesterol to form sex hormones, in fact, it is the prime ingredient for sex hormones. Fats from good sources of meat, also help in that regard. They also help in the absorption of many nutrients that are fat soluble, and need fat as a cofactor. I won't really get into it here. I realised these things after having eaten chicken/beef liver during a visit to my parents. These things helped, cos I woke up the next day with a steel of a boner that just wouldn't go down. I've always included fish, and ate meat very rarely. Tried to be very plant based. But I have been eating fat, and going for a keto diet now. And I must say, I feel much better. Eating so many saturated fats maybe the key, or some other factor or nutrient that I am not aware of. I must point out, that changes in libido are not immediate. Any change made should be given a few weeks to assess it's effectiveness. This includes new relationships and exploring repressed fantasies.

In any case, didn't wanna leave you bros in the dark. Peace Out.
General Discussion / Re: TENS unit / electrostim
« Last post by gdop on June 18, 2018, 06:33:09 AM »

You can't buy medical things from other countries here (at least without government approval).
Anyway I'm busy with other medical problems in the same spot (chronical? urethral pain near the tip of the penis) which is driving me a little crazy.

Did my research, there is no meds with phenylpropanolamine here, I'm sorry.
Contributing Factors - Physical / Re: lyme disease and coinfections
« Last post by Jabele on June 17, 2018, 02:10:18 PM »
Update! I found an amazing integrative doc who confirmed the lyme dx and also found multiple parasites. He said "you have a lot of company" and put me on albendazole and praziquentil which treats what I suspected I have parasite wise. He said as for the lyme; its chronic and has moved to my head - he has issues with antibiotics bc it gets rid of 80% and the other 20% turns into a hard to treat type. He said this is why i had the Neuro symptoms and why I also forget simple,words. Sometimes I'm legit like "that thing you sit on...what's that called?" anyway he has me doing these bee venom shots which does cross brain barrier safely and treats lyme along with quintessence which hes had good success with for people that have chronic lyme. He said despite this, I'm doing well and not nearly as sick as others hes seen- he sakd the sex stuff could be a result of this and wants to see if the treatment helps. He also called out the zoloft I take but I explained I had this issue for years without that and,only went back on it when I realized it clearly couldn't hurt more. Anyway I feel like I'm in great hands with this guy in a way I've only felt w my other lyme doc- but even more so with this guy. I'll def keep u in the loop on my,progress. Fingers crossed!
I wonder why they aren't going for approval for treatment of male EA?

Also I wonder if the stock is a "buy" for palatin  ;)

I also have a fear that it will go nowhere just like every other penny stock, or the whole EA thing in general

Contributing Factors - Physical / Re: lyme disease and coinfections
« Last post by no_longer_numb on June 17, 2018, 11:47:31 AM »
Thank you for responding!

I still can't believe I'm this far into lyme coinfection treatment with such minimal results on sex drive/libido
General Discussion / Re: TENS unit / electrostim
« Last post by no_longer_numb on June 17, 2018, 11:46:18 AM »

What country do you live in?  Are you telling me customs would intercept a TENS unit?

Also, are you in a country where cold medicine may legally contain phenylpropanalomine?  I believe it interacts with the melanocortin gene (see my other post) and I am personally curious to try PPA again since it was banned in the USA

don't get me started on conspiracy theories

Anyone interested in the TENS unit/eSTIM please reply or PM me

General Discussion / Re: TENS unit / electrostim
« Last post by gdop on June 13, 2018, 07:14:18 AM »
No way to get it in my country.

375 to go ;-)
Contributing Factors - Physical / Re: lyme disease and coinfections
« Last post by Jabele on June 12, 2018, 08:49:07 PM »
I figured out 2 years ago that I have Lyme and confections too- I also had Mycoplasma and babesia and also RMSF, along with candida and prob parasites and God knows what else.

 I've been treating under an llmd and def feel better and healthier in terms of,other issues I have, but am stuck with sex and orgasm stuff. I'm also not where I want to be and still have more treating to do. I've,been wondering a lot about a connection here and am glad to see it brought up.

I echo the desire for a smart MD/neuro person to decipher this. Every doc I see just throws the same treatments for the orgasm,issue at me but I think there's a underlying cause that needs addressing
Contributing Factors - Physical / Re: melanocortin, MSH, MC3R, phenylpropanalomine
« Last post by Jabele on June 12, 2018, 08:45:50 PM »
I've seen bremelenatide around for a while. Looks promising and i was glad to read its been put in front of FDA. If anyone hears about it getting approved, let us know. I def would want to try it since I'm female and also have anhedonia with low libido
No fun,

I only was tested for genes involved with methylation, so like 20 or so, i havent had the courage to do the 23 and me or ancestey tests due to privacy concerns

We can compare my limited SNP profile, in fact i thought i had posted it on here before

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