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Title: advice
Post by: bongo on February 04, 2018, 10:23:44 PM
Just thought is get my story down in case I get killed or brain damaged , maybe the police could find ny internet history , I was shown how to masturbate by an older boy 15 years old i was 11 , and had great orgasms until I could ejaculated then orgasms stopped , after 30 years I wondered if male on male could revive it , but got caught by so called friend giving oral to a bloke he's told the wholevworld on Facebook etc , now my 17 year old daughters having therapy , my partners having therapy , 10 year old boys been bullied , lost friends etc ,   what makes it all even worse the guy who caught me I'd seen him rubbing the Cocks of another friend ten years earlier and I never told anyone , obviouslly I have now but the Damn stupid people think I'm making if up as though I'm a lying kid trying get my own back , even worse one has a thug doorman asr a father , other an older body builder brother who are after my blood, a bloke with the same name as e ,was done over in the same town ad me and nearly died ,I'm sure it was a hit meant for me, ,I'm not gay but this condition wrecks lives , obviously I've thought of suicide ,but then the other bloke rob smallwood would love that, wished I could prove I'm telling the truth, its only this Shit condition we've got that makes me be able to cope with even shittier events , any advice ?