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Title: Where I'm at right now as of 04.10.17
Post by: RocketTN3 on October 04, 2017, 12:04:22 PM
Just to say I have fallen back on the physical therapy as the last bastion of help for EA.

My past posts are cluttered with all sorts of faulty and confused reasoning and I've failed enough, and been duped enough by alternative practitioners in many different areas, to realise this isn't a chemical imbalance, lyme disease, vitamin deficiency or toxicity. I don't think it's going to solve my problems taking recreational drugs, or herbs, or spreading royal jelly all over my cock, or have someone massage the inside of my anus. I'm convinced that it is a physical dysfunction that requires physical therapy though. All I can do is get on with my life and devote an hour or so each day to stretching exercises, touching and feeling about, getting familiar with the areas of the body that can affect genital sensation like the psoas muscle for example. So it's back to the drawing board again, and if anything comes about I'll post about it. I'm reading a book at the moment called 'the vital psoas muscle' from jo ann stugaard-jones. Yes EA is asking for more time and more attention in this area, but that's fine I just have to buckle down and get on with it. We all spend too much time on the internet looking and reading stupid stuff, it's a small price to pay if I can find something through a bit of research each day that will end up helping with my EA. I'm actually happy now that this is it for me in terms of outlook and approach to EA. If I die without ever getting better it won't be through wasting my time focusing on the wrong course of treatment, I'm absolutely convinced if a break through does happen it will be through the physical therapy route, and I can shoot at that theory blindfolded because of all the other deadends I've been down, enough to give me a sense of intuition perhaps. Anyway, hope you are all well and that's where I'm at right now.
Title: Re: Where I'm at right now as of 04.10.17
Post by: Carpentrov on October 14, 2017, 06:36:33 AM
Hope all is well and that you get a break through.  I am 100% positive that my issue is physical and that the best course is through physical therapy as wel.  I used to have drool worthy orgasims, multiples, screaming pleasure orgasims.  I believe my cause was a bit of "flying too close to the sun".  I used to find if I deeply inhaled while I orgasimed and squeezed my pelvic muscles it took the orgasim to another stratosphere of pleasure.  Well one day I was doing it and I get something either tear, or spasm, or knot up in my pelvis.  My orgasims have never been the same.  My penis now feels "fundamentally different.  Not in a good way.  I also notice much more pain while defecating from time to time, a more prescience of hemmoroids.  My cum seems to have turned a yellower shade and is much "chunkier". Really weird symptoms I know.  But it all goes back to that day.  There is no doubt in my mind my issue is muscular related that has messed with the nerves and stuff down there.

Been over two years but u know what?  Life goes on.  I have a very loving wife who understands and helps.  It could always be worse.  Work has really stopped me from getting proper treatment.  Really going to focus on it this winter though as I will have time

Title: Re: Where I'm at right now as of 04.10.17
Post by: RocketTN3 on October 22, 2017, 02:32:45 AM
Your symptoms are much like mine, even the change of consistency of semen. Clearly, whatever was working, stopped working, not completely, but enough to have a major impact on sex and climax. My biggest anxiety is approaching a specialist about this with mostly undefined symptoms. Specialists react well to the word 'pain', I've noticed, but anything that can't be narrowed down or described away easily leaves them puzzled. Anyway, I've promised myself I'm going to make headway with this in the next few weeks. My workload is becoming a bit lighter now, so more time at the weekends and in the evening. Will post again when I have something of value to share.
Title: Re: Where I'm at right now as of 04.10.17
Post by: fireman on March 02, 2018, 07:05:48 AM
hi rocket. any progress? i hope things are going well