Author Topic: Anyone have experience with modafinil? Drive and focus on buildup to orgasm.  (Read 301 times)


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I'm going to a psychiatrist tomorrow to see what they suggest about my general amotivational anhedonia. I'm suggesting modafinil.

Reading some first person anecdotes, it sounded like modafinil didn't just keep people awake, but it really motivated them. Drive and focus.

I ask you folks about that, because maybe you've tried it, and it seems from reading online that people experience a real effect during sex too.

I've had one orgasm. It wasn't just the climax that was different, but the build up. I just felt more driven and determined on the build up. Particularly the determined part.

I'd be interested in hearing whether others have noticed a difference in how driven, determined, and focused they felt on when leading up to orgasms versus anhedonic ejaculations.

And what your experience was with modafinil, if you've had it.


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General anhedonia here too, tried with no effect, more than being a little less sleepy in the afternoons, but could be realated to other healt problems happening at the same time, so maybe I'm no good reference on the subject.